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National Hydrography General Updates

April 14, 2021

National Hydrography General Updates 

Hydrographic Data Community (HDC) Contact Information

If you have user account requests, issues with their accounts, or questions about the Hydrographic Data Community (HDC), please contact Partner Support at The requests will be handled as quickly as possible for eligible members. Eligible members included USGS personnel, stakeholders or contractors within the hydrography program, and state stewards. We'd like to thank Lily Niknami for her work supporting users of the myUSGS Confluence Hydrographic Data Community (HDC). She has done a great job managing user account requests and getting accounts corrected when issues happen.


NHDPlus HR User Guide Update Planned 

The current User’s Guide for the National Hydrography Dataset Plus High Resolution contains a lot of useful information, including complete descriptions of the data model feature classes, tables, fields, rasters, how the data were created, and how to understand and use the data. If you’re not familiar with the User Guide, please check it out.

USGS is planning to make updates to the NHDPlus HR User Guide in the near future. If you are aware of any errors, would like to suggest an addition, or request that something is explained more clearly in the User Guide, please let us know!

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