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Penn State Extension and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, along with numerous other sponsors, hosted the annual Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium.

USGS scientists presented recent research and data delivery results at the 2022 Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium (Virtual) on May 5, 2022.

USGS participation in the 2022 symposium included:

  • Keynote Presentation — Groundwater Data at USGS: Access and Modernization — Candice Hopkins
  • Plenary Presentation — Factors Affecting Groundwater Quality Used for Domestic Supply in Marcellus Shale Region — Charles Cravotta
  • Organizing Committee — Jeff Chaplin

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USGS employee Sam Banas adjusting a solar panel and installing real-time equipment onto a groundwater well.
USGS scientist Sam Banas adjusting a solar panel and installing real-time equipment onto a groundwater well.


Previous USGS contributions

  • Opening Remarks — Melinda Chapman, USGS Pennsylvania Water Science Center Director 
  • Plenary Presentation — Investigations to Understand and Mitigate Coal-Mining Impacts to Groundwater in Pennsylvania — Charles Cravotta
  • Plenary Presentation — Analysis of Pennsylvania Groundwater Monitoring Network Data Collection, 2015-2019 — Matthew Conlon and Joe Duris
  • Session Presentation — Effects of Changing Water-Supply Pumping on Regional Flow Paths of PFAS-Contaminated Groundwater at Willow Grove and Warminster, Pennsylvania — Dan Goode and Lisa Senior


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