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Community Engagement

The Science Data Management Branch works in partnership with many groups in the USGS and beyond.

Community for Data Integration (CDI)

SDM funds and manages the Community for Data Integration (CDI), a dynamic community of practice working together to grow USGS knowledge and capacity in scientific data and information management and integration. CDI aims to advance understanding of earth systems through enhanced use of data and information and associated tools and technique, and provide a forum for people doing work with data integration to come together and learn how to do their job better. In order to support many of the innovative ideas in the community, the CDI helps manage community collaboration areas that form around common interests, help address challenges, and identify solutions that enable data integration efforts. Furthermore, the CDI has held an annual CDI Request for Proposals process to award seed funds for projects that focus on data integration for interdisciplinary research, innovative data management, and potentially cutting edge technology. 

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USGS Groups 

The Science Data Management (SDM) branch works with many sectors of USGS to provide guidance on data management best practices and inform executive leadership of data management needs within the Bureau.


Data Advisory Board (DAB)
  • Members of the SDM branch, in coordination with the Associate Chief Data Officer, provide leadership to the USGS Data Advisory Board. The DAB provides advice and recommendations on data management strategies, policies, best practices, and guidelines to the USGS Associate Chief Data Officer (ACDO). The Board sets strategic data goals for the USGS, and also leads implementation of Department of the Interior (DOI) directives for data management. In addition, the DAB helps further promote a data-centric culture at the USGS by championing data practices, policies, and infrastructure that support emerging opportunities in scientific research.  

Fundamental Science Practices Advisory Committee (FSPAC)
  • The SDM branch represents Core Science Systems on the full FSPAC, and SDM is leading and participating in multiple subcommittees, including the Data Guidance Subcommittee and the Publications Warehouse Subcommittee.

Bureau Approving Officials (BAOs)
  • The SDM regularly interacts with the Bureau Approving Officials to ensure data policy aligns with enterprise repository and other data management capabilities.

Science Publishing Network (SPN)
  • The SDM branch coordinates with the Science Publishing Network to ensure that policies and processes for connecting officially released data and publications are in alignment.

Data Management Working Group (DMWG)
  • Members of the SDM branch co-lead the DMWG to share best practices and challenges related to data management and work to develop resources that can be used to support data management across the Bureau.

Cloud Hosting Solutions (CHS) 
  • The SDM branch coordinates with CHS on enterprise application connections to cloud resources (e.g. ScienceBase and Dremio), and promotes broad communication through the CDI.



Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) 
  • Members of the SDM branch lead and participate in ESIP collaboration areas, such as the Data Readiness Cluster and  the Research Artifact Citation Cluster.
University of Tennessee – Knoxville (UTK)
  • SDM maintains an agreement with University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK). UTK provides student workers, access to their User eXperience Laboratory, and other services as needed.