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Jason Ferree

Hydrologic Technician with the Pennsylvania Water Science Center associated with the Hydrologic Surveillance Program. I serve as the Senior Networks Advisor for the New Cumberland Office and the Center Safety Coordinator.

Hydro techs have experience in surface water, groundwater, and water quality data collection, processing and review, including the installation and maintenance of gages and data-collection equipment.

I begain my career with the USGS in 2011 in the PaWSC, New Cumberland, as a hydrologic technician with the Hydrologic Investigation Program (HIP). During my time with the HIP I maintained a series of continuous water quality monitors in the Susquahnna River Basin and collected surface water and storm samples for the Water Quality Network (WQN) in conjuction with PA Department of Environmental Protection.

In 2012 I transferred into the Hydrologic Surveillance Program (HSP) to work as part of the stream gage network. I am responsible for maintaing surface water gages, groundwater wells and water quality sondes around the state. I am involved with the construction, demolition, maintenance and conversion of gages and monitors. I strive to provide the highest quality data to the public while staying up-to-date with advancemnts in equipment and techniques. In 2016 I was chosen to be the Local Expert (LE) in the New Cumberland office for the new national time-series-data software implementation. After the implementation I volunteered to be a Local Data Manger to help maintain an accurate database for Pennsylvania.