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WaterWatch Toolkit

March 4, 2019

The USGS WaterWatch Toolkit provides online tools that allow users to search USGS sites in various ways; create a variety of maps, graphs, charts, animations, and tables; perform a variety of streamflow analyses, and retrieve summary statistics.  The toolkit includes:

  • Flow Duration Curve
  • Duration Hydrograph
  • Area-Based Runoff Duration Hydrograph
  • Cumulative Streamflow Hydrograph
  • Cumulative Area-Based Runoff Hydrograph
  • Streamflow Map Viewer
  • Seamless Real-Time Streamflow Map
  • Seamless Flood and High Flow Map
  • Seamless Hourly Flow Change Map
  • Streamgage Statistic Retrieval
  • Streamflow Measurements
  • Raster Hydrograph
  • Summary of 7-Day Low Flow Conditions
  • Streamflow Conditions Map
  • Streamflow Map Animation
  • Rating Curve
  • Runoff Hydrograph
  • Hydrologic Unit Runoff Maps
Screen shot showing WaterWatch Toolkit home page and two of its component tools.