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Definitions of USGS Audience Types

The four USGS audience types are core professional, noncore professional, the general public, and USGS employees. Information products must be properly geared toward the audience’s needs and familiarity with the subject matter.

The core professional audience type

Core professionals are earth and biological scientists within and outside the USGS. The non-USGS members of this audience type represent other Federal and State science agencies, nongovernmental scientific research organizations, international groups, academia, and industry. USGS scientists are the primary authors of products for this audience type.

The non-core professional audience type

Non-core professionals are managers and scientists who are not necessarily earth or biological scientists, and knowledgeable nonscientists. They are often policymakers and decision makers. Customers in this category may represent Congress, other Federal and State agencies, legislatures, and nongovernmental organizations. This audience type needs a synthesized version of our technical information. Authorship of these products is usually by a team of scientists and technical writers.

The general public audience type

This audience type includes teachers, students, the news media, nature enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in studying things in, on, and around the Earth. Text should be written in everyday language and illustrations should be bold and clear. Products for this audience type are usually prepared by scientists working with writers, editors, designers, and outreach specialists.

The USGS employees audience type

The USGS Visual Identity System is focused on helping others recognize and understand the USGS. However, a consistent look and feel to our internal products can strengthen communication and enhance employees' knowledge of the Bureau's multidisciplinary mission. Products created for USGS employees may come from any occupational category.