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Information Policies and Instructions

The USGS serves the Nation as an independent fact-finding agency that collects, monitors, analyzes, and provides scientific understanding about natural resource and natural hazard conditions, issues, and problems. The value of the USGS to the Nation rests on its ability to carry out studies on a national scale and to sustain long-term monitoring and assessment of natural resources and hazards.

Because it has no regulatory or management mandate, the USGS provides impartial science that serves the needs of our changing world. It is the policy of the USGS to conduct its activities and to make the results of its scientific investigations available in a manner that will best serve the whole public, rather than the interest or benefit of any special group, corporation, or individual. The reputation of USGS science for excellence and objectivity is our most important asset. It brings authority to our data and findings and creates long-term credibility.