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FEI Quanta 450 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The FEI SEM was installed in 2009. It is capable of high, low, and environmental vacuum modes.  The DML has a cold stage to allow for imaging of wet samples. 

The SEM is equipped with secondary and electron backscattered detectors, a scanning transmission electron detector, an Oxford Instruments 30mm2 silicon drift detector and electron backscatter differaction (EBSD) camera, and an Horiba HCLUE system capable of panchromatic and hyperspectral cathodoluminescence imaging. 

The configuration of the SEM allows for qualitative mineral chemistry, determination of mineral orientation, element and phase mapping, automated particle analysis, and CL imaging. 

Backscattered Electron Image of Titanite
Backscattered Electron Image of Titanite from southern Missouri, showing zoning.  (Public domain.)

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