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Menlo Park Isotope Laboratory Analytical Services

USGS Reston Stable Isotope Laboratory samples for tritium analysis by electrolytic enrichment and liquid scintillation counting should be submitted to the Menlo Park Isotope Laboratory.

Ship samples to:        

     Attn: Doug Choy        
     U.S. Geological Survey        
     345 Middlefield Road, MS 434        
     Menlo Park, CA 94025

USGS customers will need to fill out the Menlo Park QWDATA Compatible Submission Excel Form for each type of analysis (lab code). Please email the completed Submission Form to with cc to Samples cannot be processed until an electronic Sample Submission Form is received.

Lab Code Details Required Water
Vol/Bottle Size
LOD (1 σ) pCi/L
FY24 Price
LSC11 LSC only 125 mL 13
LSC05 Elec. enrich. of
100 mL and LSC
250 to 500 mL 2.2
LSC04 Elec. enrich. of
200 mL and LSC
0.5 to 1 L 1.3
LSC14 Elec. enrich. of
500 mL and LSC
1 L 0.5
  Elec. enrich. of
50 mL and LSC
125 mL 10
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Elec. enrich.: Electrolytic enrichment (water volume is reduced from initial volume to 9 mL by electrolysis in a chilled water bath); LSC: Liquid Scintillation Counting; TU: Tritium Units.

Last updated: February 9, 2024.