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July 8, 2024—InSAR image of Kīlauea ground deformation

July 9, 2024
Color photograph of ground deformation at a volcano
This map shows recent deformation at Kīlauea, over the timeframe of June 6 to July 8, 2024. Data was recorded by the Italian Space Agency's (ASI) Cosmo-SkyMED satellite. Colored fringes denote areas of ground deformation, with more fringes indicating more deformation.  Each color cycle represents 1.5 cm (0.6 in) of ground motion. The bullseye feature indicates inflation of the area southwest of Kaluapele over this time period. The northeast-southwest trending line-like feature reflects the intrusion (body of magma underground) that fed the June 3, 2024, eruption. Arrow in the upper left indicates satellite orbit direction (arrow) and look direction (bar). For information about interpreting interferograms, see this "Volcano Watch" article: Reading the rainbow: How to interpret an interferogram