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March 14, 2023—Kīlauea summit eruption reference map

March 14, 2023
Color map of volcano summit
The Kīlauea summit eruption has been paused since Tuesday, March 7, 2023, and this reference map depicts the Halema‘uma‘u crater floor in its present noneruptive state. The eruption statistics provided here reflect activity up until the pause, since they are derived from measurements taken during a HVO helicopter overflight on Friday, March 10. Over the course of the eruption, the crater floor rose an average of 43 feet (13 meters) to a new volume-averaged elevation of 2,953 feet (900 meters) above sea level. The full extent of new lava from the eruption is 292 acres (118 hectares); this value is slightly less than that reported on the last eruption reference map, due to remapping of some of the flow margins.
Title March 14, 2023—Kīlauea summit eruption reference map
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse