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Landers Rupture — Scott on what it looked like

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Detailed Description

USGS field technician Scott Lydeen recalls what the aftermath of the 1992 Landers earthquake looked like.




Public Domain.


Some houses had a little offset to them. I remember there was a three- or four-foot chain link fence that separated two pieces of property, and they it had run perpendicular to the highway so the highway runs north-south and the that fence line was running east-west. Well, the fence now had a zig in it but it was still put together. It didn't rip in half but it stretched the polls in the fence and the fence fabric, and it was kind of neat to see. It really showed where the fault was. And then then it kind of disappeared if you didn't know where to look. It left following the highway and went out into Johnson valley and up towards Barstow. It came up, there's a – I'm trying to remember the name of the road – Camp Rock Road, you had to go way deep into the Mojave Desert north of Hwy 247 and that's where the fault line kinda showed itself again. If you're on the roads, I mean, it showed itself all kinds of places but then when we were on top of a place called Rodman Mountain you could look down if the sun was just right and you'd see the fault line because of the shadow. It was pretty neat.

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