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Addressing Administration and USGS Priorities in the Chesapeake

Detailed Description

The Biden Administration is launching environmental priorities that include a) addressing the climate crisis, b) conserving lands and waters (America the Beautiful), c) expanding equality, and d) restoring scientific integrity. The Administration has proposed accelerating national progress through local implementation on these environmental priorities. Coincidentally, USGS is developing a transformative national science plan to meet these priorities. The Administration’s vision can take advantage of ongoing USGS place-based studies (and their close relationship with local stakeholders), to achieve many of these environmental priorities. USGS can develop both a national approach as well as make significant rapid advances in several locations like Chesapeake Bay and other place-based study locations. In these locations, integrated USGS science can be accelerated to a) inform stakeholder decisions for restoration and protection of fish and wildlife, b) drive conservation of critical lands, and c) provide benefits to people, including underserved communities.


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