Charge to Peer Review Panel December 26, 2011

Charge to Peer Review Panel December 26, 2011Charge to Peer Review Panel December 26, 2011

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Purpose of the Peer Review Panel:  

The purpose of a peer review of the Overview Report is to improve its quality and usefulness by ensuring that it accurately reflects major findings of cited reports especially those relevant to the four questions listed in the Background, adequately covers major topic areas essential for a Secretarial Determination, reaches defensible conclusions, and is clearly presented.  In addition, the review is being conducted to fulfill Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) guidance to agencies for a rigorous peer review process for Highly Influential Scientific Assessments (as defined in OMB’s December 16, 2004, Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review).  Review of the Overview Report will also include a public comment period, as the credibility and public acceptance of a report increases with a rigorous review process in an open and transparent fashion that includes public participation.   


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