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Class play: Story of Dryville (You establish a new town in the desert)

Detailed Description

The Story of Water in Dryville

Have you ever had the desire to strike out on your own? Maybe you've had enough of big-city life and want to build you own town way out in the unspoiled and unpopulated countryside? You might name it Dryville, since the only part of the country that is still so desolate is probably the desert!

Well, you can't begin your new town without considering water. From the smallest town to the biggest city, there always has to be a water plan. You need to be able to get water, use it, and dispose of what you don't want.

So let's say you made the big move. You and some friends have found your (desolate) spot and have moved in. How would you develop your "Water Plan for Dryville?"


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