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Histopathology - Plate 16 - Figures 46-48 PDF Format

Detailed Description

Histopathology - Plate 16 - Figures 46-48 PDF Format

  • Figure 46: Chloromyxum majori spores (arrow) in wet mount made from an adult rainbow trout kidney. Phase contrast. X3500. 4956w x 3440h (72 dpi). 68.833 in. x 47.778 in.
  • Figure 47: C. majori trophozoites and spores in kidney glomeruli of a 6-month-old Chinook salmon. Note basophilic spores and trophozoites occupying much of the glomeruli, leaving very little of the capillary tufts (arrows). M-G G stain. X1500. 5156w x 3472h (72 dpi). 71.611 in. x 48.222 in.
  • Figure 48: C. majori trophozoites and spores. Higher magnification of Fig. 47. Note the four polar capsules of a spore clustered together (arrow). M-G G stain. X1500. 5198w x 3461h (72 dpi). 72.194 in. x 48.069 in.


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