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Histopathology - Plate 22 - Figures 64-66 PDF Format

Detailed Description

Histopathology - Plate 22 - Figures 64-66 PDF Format

  • Figure 64: Pleistophora sp. a microsporidian, in a lamellar cyst of a 2-year-old steelhead trout. M-G G stain. X950. 3385w x 2134h (72 dpi). 47.014 in. x 29.639 in.
  • Figure 65: Sanguinicola sp. Three developing miracidia  (arrows) in a wet mount of a fingerling steelhead trout gill. Note the characteristic black “eye spot” in each miracidium.  X1300. 5286w x 3450h (4000 dpi). 1.322 in. x 0.863 in. 
  • Figure 66: Sanguinicola sp. Numerous encysted blood fluke eggs (white arrows) and glochidium (black arrow), a larva of a freshwater mussel, in a 5-month-old steelhead trout with an extensive dual gill infection. M-G G stain. X320. 5280w x 3510h (4000 dpi). 1.32 in. x 0.878 in.


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