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TM96-03 Change of Reporting Levels for National Water Quality Laboratory Analytical Schedule 1359--Carbamate Pesticides by Liquid/Liquid Extraction and Liquid Chromatographic Analysis

Detailed Description

The purpose of this memo is to change the reporting levels for all of the pesticides on Laboratory Schedule 1359 from 0.5 µg/L to the qualitatively identifiable method detection limits (MDLs) as determined in 40 Code of Regulations (CFR) 136 Appendix B. MDLs are determined statistically using the standard deviation from the analysis of seven spiked reagent water samples. Sometimes this value is below the limit of the instrument's ability to make a qualitative identification. In such instances, the MDL is raised to a value that can be qualitatively identified by the instrument. In 
other cases, the MDL is above the instrument's qualitative identification level. If the instrument identifies a compound below the MDL, the value will be reported as "less than the MDL." The MDLs are an order of magnitude lower than the current (1996) method reporting limits. 


Public Domain.