2008 Donghekou Landslide

Image: 2008 Donghekou Landslide

Detailed Description

Photograph of the Donghekou Landslide, triggered by the 2008 Wenchuan, China Earthquake. This landslide had 3 sources areas: the mountain slope at the top right of the photograph a second area primarily resulting in a rockslide that occurred to the left of the scientists, and one to the right, across the river (not shown in picture). The landslide dammed two confluent rivers forming a massive lake. The Chinese army created a new water course through the slide using dynamite and heavy equipment, allowing river flow to resume, and to reduce the pressure and increasing water volume caused by the build-up of water behind the dam. There is a new road, also constructed by the army, over the rockslide and through the main part of the slide, as the old road is buried. The landslide also inundated a bus stop area, burying two large tourist buses, a car, and 300 villagers. The slide was massive in volume, and moved so rapidly, that it generated two areas of air blast a phenomenon that is so forceful, it can level trees.


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Location Taken: CN