2016 Brown Treesnake Visual Survey, Saipan

2016 Brown Treesnake Visual Survey, Saipan

Detailed Description

A former Rapid Response Team (RRT) Coordinator (Adam Knox) supervises and organizes the deployment of the Rapid Response Team following credible sightings of Brown Treesnakes (BTS) on the island of Saipan in 2016. The RRT Coordinator, stationed on Guam, is responsible for organizing the network of trained members and specialists that comprise the RRT, receiving reports, conducting interviews, and assessing the credibility of sightings with the assistance of researchers based in Fort Collins, CO. The position is primarily supported by long-term funding commitments from the US DOI Office of Insular Affairs (OIA). OIA is a leading partner in supporting detection and control tool development aimed at refining BTS management and protecting Pacific Islands from BTS. 


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Location Taken: US