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3D Elevation Program: Earth MRI Priority Areas as of June 2019

Detailed Description

Geographic extent of 3D Elevation Program Earth MRI Priority Areas as of June 2019

Map shows geographic extent of existing and on-going data acquisition projects that meet current 3DEP specifications.  FY19 projects are the result of partnership projects awarded through the FY19 3D Elevation Program Broad Agency Announcement and through on-going Federal coordination via the 3DEP Working Group.

Legend Explanation:

Yellow areas show Earth MRI Priority Areas with 3DEP Quality Data

Red areas show Earth MRI Priority Areas without 3DEP Quality Data

The following legend items are In progress and existing data that meet 3DEP quality:

Striped light green areas show planned fiscal year 3DEP lidar partnerships (subject to change)

Light green areas show fiscal year 19 3DEP lidar partnerships

Light blue areas show fiscal year 19 3DEP IfSAR partnerships (Alaska)

Dark green areas show existing lidar

Dark Blue areas show existing IfSAR (alaska)


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