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3DEP Quality Data by Collection Year Animated GIF

Detailed Description

This animated GIF is a map of the United States and its territories shows geographic extent of planned, existing, and in-progress 3DEP data acquisition projects by year. FY23 projects are the result of partnership projects awarded through the FY23 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) and through on-going Federal coordination via the 3DEP Working Group



Age of 3DEP

Available or in-progress data that meet 3DEP specification

Dark Green through Red: 2023 - 2004

Dark Gray: Data Contribution Pending

3DEP Specifications

  • Quality level 2 or better lidar data (IfSAR in AK) as defined in USGS Lidar Base Specification v1.2 or later
  • Publicly available


*Sources: 3DEP FY23 Broad Agency Announcement, USIEI data from May 2023 


Public Domain.