3DNTM Development Tracks

3DNTM Development Tracks

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3DNTM Development Tracks

Topography is defined by elevation and hydrography; elevation shapes hydrography, and hydrography shapes elevation. To support a braod range of applications, the 3D National Topography Model integrates USGS elevation and hydrography datasets to model the Nation's topography in 3D.


Track 1: Complete nationwide elevation and hydrography baseline datasets

  • Delivers the terrestrial component of the 3D Nation vision of continuous data surface from the depths of the oceans to the peaks of the mountains

Track 2: Pilot integration of hydrography and elevation

  • Provides universal discovery and sharing of water information as the geospatial foundation for the Internet of Water
  • Provides foundational data to critical initiatives including 
    • FEMA Risk Rating 2.0
    • The National Water Model
    • Aquatic Resources mapping for the Clean Water Act
    • National Landslides Prepardness Act

Track 3: Design and implement next generation of integrated data

  • Underpins a broad range of applications including flood risk management, hazards response and mitigation, infrastructure management, climate change science, and more.

Track 4: Research and develop 3D data model

  • Enables new and emerging applications
    • Multiple vintages enable change detection
    • Water-related applications move from the neighborhood to the street-level in accuracy





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