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Alaska Central North Slope - January 2020

Detailed Description

January 2020

One of the most productive areas in the world for oil remains rich in the resource, according to the latest USGS assessment. This assessment is for undiscovered, technically recoverable oil and gas resources in conventional accumulations.

3.6 Billion Barrels of Oil
Estimate of the undiscovered, technically recoverable oil resources in conventional accumulations in the Central North Slope assessment area.

800 miles
Length of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline system, which runs through most of the assessment area.

18 Billion
Barrels of oil transported through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, most of which was produced from the Central North Slope.

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U.S. Department of the InteriorU.S. Geological Survey


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USGS Releases Estimate of Conventional Oil and Gas in Alaska Central North Slope
USGS continues its estimates of technically recoverable oil and gas in Alaska's North Slope.