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Albemarle Monitoring: Phytoplankton sampling, 2012.

Detailed Description

Albemarle Sound National Monitoring Network Pilot

Albemarle Monitoring: Phytoplankton

The euphotic zone was sampled for phytoplankton, algal toxins, and other water quality parameters during summer of 2012.

In Summer of 2012, 44 water quality samples were collected at 34 sites in partnership with the NC Division of Water Quality, NC Division of Marine Fisheries, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Samples were analyzed for:

  • phytoplankton community composition
  • nutrients
  • cyanobacterial toxins (cyanotoxins)
  • the pesticides atrazine and glyphosate
  • metals
  • total suspended solids
  • chlorophyll a and other physical data