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April 26, 2022 — Eruption continues within Halema‘uma‘u, Kīlauea

Detailed Description

The eruption continues within Halema‘uma‘u at the summit of KILUAEA on April 26, 2022. The active lava lake is visible within the middle right of the photo and has a silvery surface appearance. Within the active lava lake, lava flows from an inlet on the west (bottom) margin towards the east. Some of this lava then cascades into an embayment southeast of the main active lava lake, which on April 26 had red hot roiling lava at the surface. As the level within the southeast embayment is not rising, it appears that lava is plunging underneath the cooled crater floor area, contributing to gradual overall crater floor rise. USGS photo taken by N. Deligne.


Public Domain.