Attachment H: FY19-21 NOAA Multi-Year 3DEP Priority Areas for Data...

NOAA Multi-Year 3DEP Priority Areas for Data Acquisition

Detailed Description

Attachment H: NOAA Multi-Year 3DEP Priority Areas for Data 

Note: These areas represent NOAA FY19 -FY21 priority areas for data acquisition as of August 2018.  BAA funding partners welcome proposal submissions through the BAA that overlap or are adjacent to these priority areas. Actual acquisition areas will be defined based on submitted and accepted proposals, as well as analysis of existing data holdings and work in progress. Final program of work is subject to available funding.



Yellow = Federal Agency Areas of Interest Seeking Partnerships - Low Priority

In-Progress or Existing 3DEP Quality Data 

Dark Green = Lidar

Dark Blue = IfSAR (Alaska)


Image Dimensions: 3850 x 2975

Date Taken:

Location Taken: US


Diana Thunen (National Geospatial Program)

United States Geological Survey

Denver, Colorado