Bamboo Pointer belonging to Levi F. Noble

Image: Bamboo Pointer belonging to Levi F. Noble

Detailed Description

The pointer is a souvenir from the Third Pan-Pacific Science Congress held in Tokyo in 1926. A prominent geologist, Noble (1882-1965) spent his entire career with the U.S. Geological Survey. He began field investigations in 1917, which continued on and off for the next 45 years, where he observed and recorded the major geologic features of Death Valley; he also studied features of the Grand Canyon and the San Andreas Fault. Object ID: USGS-000707 Decorative owl detail carved and burned into the pointer; the owl's tail is detailed on the opposite side of the pointer as if it was perched in a hole. Object ID: USGS-000707


Image Dimensions: 3292 x 580

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Location Taken: Reston, VA, US