Calliopsis andreniformis, m, baltimore city, face

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One of the most common bees in Eastern North America, particularly in urban and disturbed environments. They are attracted to piles of dirt or open scraped soils and appear to be a huge fan of clovers, plants that also favor lawns and open disturbed sites. The female (look it up) mirrors most other small, dark bees in that group, with a few white marks on its lower face. The male Calliopsis andreniformis pictured here is spectacularly different. Brilliant yellow to an exhibitionistic level. This one comes from Baltimore City. Photography Information: Canon Mark II 5D, Zerene Stacker, Stackshot Sled, 65mm Canon MP-E 1-5X macro lens, Twin Macro Flash in Styrofoam Cooler, F5.0, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 200 USGSBIML Photoshopping Technique: Note that we now have added using the burn tool at 50% opacity set to shadows to clean up the halos that bleed into the black background from "hot" color sections of the picture.


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