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Conceptual geologic model of partially crystallized magma (C1, C3) ...

Detailed Description

C1 and C3 are granitic crystal-melt mush (partially crystallized magma) columns that fed the most recent Mono Craters eruptions. The connection from C1 to South Coulée (SC) is older and colder than the connection from C3 to North Coulée (NC) and Panum Crater (PC), which carries hydrothermal fluid to the surface. C2 depicts a fracture network containing fluids of metamorphic or magmatic origin. R1 is a resistive cold pluton, or body of granitic rocks, that crops out at the surface at Aeolian Buttes. Black dashed lines are modeled faults (LVF = Lee Vining fault and ISF = Indian Springs fault).


Public Domain.

J.R. Peacock, et al., 2015