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D-Claw computer simulation of a landslide that begins on Mount Rainier's west flank (Tahoma Glacier Headwall).

Detailed Description

Close-up oblique views of Mount Rainier’s west side showing simulated lahar flow depths from a landslide originating in the area of the Tahoma Glacier Headwall (T-260-HM simulation). Imagery appears blurry where lahar material is absent because D-Claw’s adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) employs very coarse resolution in those areas. As modeled, the landslide transforms into highly mobile flows, which enter both the Puyallup River valley (heading from the South Mowich, Puyallup, and Tahoma Glaciers) and the Nisqually River valley (heading from the Tahoma and South Tahoma Glaciers). Color shading indicates landslide and lahar flow depths in meters (m). Time (t) is indicated in hours:minutes:seconds. Additional simulations are available in Modeling the Dynamics of Lahars that Originate as Landslides on the West Side of Mount Rainier, Washington, USGS Open-File Report 2021-1118,


Public Domain.