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Daniel Magoulick

Detailed Description

Dan is from Michigan originally and received his BS from Michigan State University, MS from Eastern Michigan University and PhD from University of Pittsburgh. Dan joined the Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in 2000, where he is the Assistant Unit Leader and Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. His research has focused on factors affecting population and community dynamics of freshwater fish and invertebrates, especially the role of disturbance in community dynamics, impacts of invasive species in aquatic ecosystems, and aquatic ecosystem conservation. As part of this work, Dan attempts to bridge the gap between studies done at small spatial scales and the larger spatial scales necessary to understand how disturbance and environmental factors affect population and community dynamics in stream ecosystems. These projects and related work are carried out using a combination of observation, experimentation in the field and lab, and modeling approaches. Dan teaches Biometry, Fish Ecology and Conservation Biology as well as seminars in current topics in Ecology, Conservation Biology and Fisheries.

Areas of Expertise

AI/Machine Learning, Anthropogenic Impacts, Aquatic Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Ecological Flows, Entomology, Evolutionary Ecology, Fisheries Management, GIS/Spatial Analysis, Habitat Management, Invasive Species, Landscape Ecology, Managed Flows/Hydrology, Movement Ecology, Population Dynamics, Population and Community Ecology, Predator-Prey Dynamics, Resilience, Species Distribution Modeling, Species Management, Species Status Assessments, Statistics and Modelling, Stream Ecology, T&E Species Management, Water Quality

Taxon Groups Studied

Anadromous Fishes, Freshwater Fishes, Gamefish, Invertebrates/Insects, Mussels, Nongame Fish/Wildlife, Salmonids, Species of Greatest Conservation Need


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