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December 7, 2022 — Mauna Loa Eruption Map

Detailed Description

The Northeast Rift Zone eruption of Mauna Loa that began the evening of November 27, 2022, continues as of December 7, 2022 (tenth full day). One active fissure, fissure 3, is feeding a lava flow downslope to the north. HVO field crews and USGS analysts have accurately mapped some of the most active flows, displayed in red here, along with older flows further uprift, in part of Mokuʻāweoweo caldera, and in the upper summit region southwest of the caldera. Lava flow length was measured by tracing the continuous active channel shown in yellow here and then extending the measurement to the distal lava flow extent measured in satellite data. Lava flow expansion over the past 24 hours is shown in red and amounts to 0.38 square miles (179 acres).  


Public Domain.