Definition Cartoon of Beach and Dune Environment with Variables

Cartoon of the beach and dune environment

Detailed Description

(a) Definition sketch of the beach and dune environment. Dashed line shows the post-event beach and dune surface, with elevations referenced to the still water level (swl). Dune and beach variables include dune crest elevation (zc) and cross-shore position (xc), dune base elevation (zb) and cross-shore position (xb), shoreline position (xsl), beach width (Wbeach) and dune width (Wdune). Hydrodynamic variables include mean (η50), and extreme (η98) water levels, (b) Schematic diagram of the Bayes network representing a conceptual model of this system and its evolution. Variables in boxes with bold outline represent the original model and the non-bold outline boxes are variables that extend this model.


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