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DTSGUI: A python program to process and visualize fiber‐optic distributed temperature sensing data

Detailed Description

This figure shows temperature data collected with a fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (FO-DTS) system. FODTS systems are used by USGS scientists to identify areas where groundwater is discharging into the stream. The data visualizations were generated using DTSGUI, a USGS public-domain software tool to manage, analyze, and visualize FO-DTS data.  

Panel (a) shows single-ended FO-DTS measurements downstream along center stream channel sediment-water interface collected on channel 1 of the FO-DTS control unit; panel (b) shows data collected on channel 2, with the cable running upstream from the control unit. The data range can be trimmed in space and time to sections of interest, as displayed for channel 1 in panel (c). Finally, subsets of data from both channels can be displayed in map view, as shown for mean temperature in panel (d). The black line connects an observed preferential groundwater discharge zone from heat-map view (c) to the geospatial location along the stream channel (d).  

DTS GUI is documented in an article; the DTSGUI software is available for download.


Public Domain.