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Embden Waterway Sites

Detailed Description

North Dakota Discovery Farms waterway sites 1 & 2 located in southeast Cass County about 8 miles south of Embden, North Dakota. In 2009, Embden became the third farm in the North Dakota Discovery Farms project. Farm is located about 1/2 mile south of data shelters. Embden 1 is a surace-water site. The 2.0- foot flume sites just north of this data shelter for Embden sites 1 and 2. Embden 2 is a 60-degree V trapezoidal flume in a bured concreate culvert located on the other side of the north-south road east of the large data shelter. The flow is measured and sampled from the V flume underground and periodic QW grab samples are taken form the blue pipe attached to the end of the flume.


Public Domain.