Emmons Glacier at Mount Rainier, WA from the Northeast.

Emmons Glacier at Mount Rainier, Washington from the Northeast....

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Mount Rainier from the NE showing post-5,600-year-old lava cone and crater, buried edge of collapse crater now partly filled by the snowclad summit crater, which yielded the sector collapse that formed the Osceola Mudflow. The flow diverged across Steamboat Prow, the apex of partly barren triangle of rock at the right side of the photograph, into the main fork of the White River (lower left), now the site of the Emmons Glacier (center), and northward into the West Fork White River (to right of photo). Dark rubble on surface of the lower part of the Emmons Glacier is from the 1963 debris avalanche originating from Little Tahoma Peak (on left).


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