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Geologic Cracks Record

Detailed Description

(a) Detailed hillshaded digital elevation model (DEM) of the Paw Paw trench site, derived from 0.5-m lidar. Sackungen indicated by white arrows. Outline of trench excavation depicted by white rectangle. Contour interval 1 m. Location and look direction of field photographs (Figure 4) indicated by black balloon shapes with inset arrows. Primary sackung and corresponding shear zone (SZ1) and subsidiary eastern and western features (SZ2 and SZ3, respectively), exposed by trench are labeled. (b) Topographic profile across the trench site, showing the morphology of the sackungen intersected by the trench. Schematic illustration of shears in the subsurface indicated by red lines. Click on image to view larger version.


Public Domain.