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Gloeotrichia, a type of cyanobacteria.

March 2022 (approx.)

Detailed Description

Gloeotrichia, a type of cyanobacteria that can produce microcystin, in a water sample collected from Kabetogama Lake, Voyageurs National Park (by Viviana Mazzei, USGS). 


USGS and academic scientists examined cyanotoxins and cyanobacterial communities from recurring algae blooms in Kabetogama Lake in Voyageurs National Park. They documented the presence of 7 understudied toxins and identified correlations among toxins and cyanobacteria, revealing potential competitive relations among cyanobacteria.  


Christensen, V.G., Olds, H.T., Norland, Jack, and Khan, Eakalak, 2022, Phytoplankton community interactions and cyanotoxin mixtures in three recurring surface blooms within one lake: Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol. 427, April 2022, 128142


Public Domain.