Going for the Eagle Ford Shale Formation, Kinney County, Texas

An image of USGS research drilling rig on side of U.S. Route 90 in Kinney County, Texas.  The sky is streaked with clouds.

Detailed Description

One charge of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Energy Resources Science Center is performing description
and analysis of hydrocarbon source rocks as input to USGS oil and gas assessments. This 2018 image
shows a coring and geophysical well-logging operation adjacent to U.S. Route 90, Kinney County, Texas.
The borehole yielded a 500’ rock core containing Austin Chalk at the top and Eagle Ford Shale at the
base. The rock core was returned to USGS offices in Lakewood, Colorado for analysis. The data
obtained from the core was used to map and reconstruct the spatial distribution of an ancient ocean and
shorelines in this part of Texas during the Cretaceous Period. (Coordinates: 29.273852 -100.289987)


Image Dimensions: 7374 x 3716

Date Taken:

Lat / Long: 29.273852000000 / -100.289987000000

Location Taken: TX, US