Hayden Survey 1870 Wyoming in camp at Red Buttes

Men sitting around a table beside a wagon in 1870 Wyoming

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U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories (Hayden Survey). Group of all the members of the Survey, made while in camp at Red Buttes at the junction of the North Platte and Sweetwater Rivers. Natrona County, Wyoming, 1870. Standing left to right: John "Potato John" Raymond and "Val," cooks; Sanford R. Gifford, landscape painter; Henry W. Elliott, artist; James Stevenson, assistant; H.D. Schmidt, naturalist; E. Campbell Carrington, zoologist; L.A. Bartlett, general assistant; William Henry Jackson, photographer. Sitting left to right: C.S. Turnbull, secretary; J.H. Beaman, meteorologist; Ferdinand.V. Hayden, geologist in charge; Cyrus Thomas, agriculturist; Raphael, hunter; A.L. Ford, mineralogist.


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Location Taken: WY, US