Hebgen Lake recent seismicity and 1959 deformation

Hebgen Lake recent seismicity and 1959 deformation

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Epicenters of 6,188 earthquakes in the Hebgen Lake region since 1990 determined by the University of Utah Seismograph Stations and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. All epicenters have horizontal uncertainties of 1.0 km or less. Black contour lines show subsidence (in 2-foot intervals) resulting from the 1959 M7.3 Hebgen Lake earthquake (epicenter shown by red star). Magenta line segments show faults that ruptured during the 1959 earthquake and green line segments are Late Quaternary faults from the USGS Quaternary Fault and Fold Database.


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Location Taken: MT, US


Figure designed by Mike Stickney (Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology).