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Hot springs (Alaska) caused by geothermal activity underground.

2015 (approx.)

Detailed Description

Hot springs can occur in many parts of the world. The water is hot not due to climate, but rather due to geothermal activity underground, such as volcanic activity or active hydrothermal heating from hot material in the ground. Hot springs result from water heated by underground geothermal activity finding its way to the land surface. 

This hot spring is located in the far north on a remote island in the Aluetian chain. Many hot springs, such as this one, contain extremely hot water, but there are many hot springs worldwide that are at temperatures that allow people to enjoy a soak in them. Glenwood, Colorado has a large pool of naturally heated water, and there are even hot springs in Greenland that produce a natural "bath" of 100°F water, perfect for relaxing on a typical cold Greenland day.

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