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Image of the front page of Sound Waves Oct. - Dec. 2016

Detailed Description

The stories in the Oct. - Dec. 2016 issue of Sound Waves:

Before-and-After Photos: SE Beach Dunes Lost to Hurricane Matthew

News Briefs

USGS Scientists Participate in Indian Ocean Gas Hydrates Drilling

Recent Fieldwork

New Maps from Old Photos: Measuring Coastal Erosion in California

In Search of a Solid Footing for Offshore Wind Turbines

Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center Participates in the 2nd Annual Woods Hole Science Stroll

James Hein Wins Prestigious Moore Medal Award from the International Marine Minerals Society

International Recognition for Historic Elwha River Restoration

Coastal and Marine Scientists Talk About the AGU Fall Meeting

A Spotlight on the Enigmatic Atlantic Canyons

USGS Participates in SACNAS National Conference

Visiting Russian Scholar Studying Ferromanganese Crusts and Nodules from the Arctic Ocean

Structured Decision Making in Barrier Island Restoration: Study Demonstrates the Potential for Informing Management Decisions and Guiding the Focus of Scientific Research