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Javan Bauder

Detailed Description

Javan was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Idaho) and received his M.S. from Idaho State University where he studied the movement and habitat ecology of prairie rattlesnakes. He then worked for non-profit reptile conservation organization, The Orianne Society, conducting and directing research projects to guide reptile conservation efforts. Dr. Bauder received his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he studied the effects of landscape features on the spatial and habitat ecology, population viability, and genetic connectivity of the federally threatened eastern indigo snake in central Florida. Javan then joined the Illinois Natural History Survey as a post-doc studying population dynamics of furbearing mammals and the effects of translocation on nuisance black bear. Javan joined the Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit as an Assistant Unit Leader in 2021 where his research blends population ecology and landscape ecology with diverse statistical modeling tools to guide wildlife management and conservation. His current research includes evaluating population viability of bald eagles in Arizona, developing tracking methods for and estimating demographic parameters of narrow-headed gartersnakes, and modeling habitat connectivity and survival for eastern indigo snakes. Javan has assisted in teaching multiple graduate-level statistics courses and teaches a course on wildlife habitat modeling.


Public Domain.