Kīlauea: What's new and what's not

Kīlauea Volcano: What's new and what's not...

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An aerial view of Halema‘uma‘u at the summit of Kīlauea Volcano captured from an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) overflight video on May 31, 2018. Limited UAS flights into this hazardous area are conducted with permission and coordination with Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park to collect visual information on this changing eruption site. Scientists will examine the video footage in detail to understand the evolution of the expanding collapse area and assess hazards at Kīlauea's summit. A clip from the overflight video is posted on HVO's website: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/observatories/hvo/multimedia_uploads/multimediaFile-2154.mp4 Credit: U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Aviation Services, and the U.S. Geological Survey.


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