Kīlauea's caldera 1860s

Photograph of Kīlauea's caldera taken in the 1860

Detailed Description

Photograph taken in the 1860s, perhaps on August 27, 1865, from Uwekahuna. The many changes between 1865 and 2004 result mainly from the addition of lava flows to the floor of Kīlauea's caldera and the widening of Halemaumau in 1924. Abbreviations are: O, outlet through low hills, present in both photos; SB, "south sulphur bank"; KP, pali southwest of Keanakako`i, present in both photos; C cliff in 1860s covered by lava flows by 2004; L, lineament present in both photos; H, Halemaumau; 82, September 1982 lava flow; SS, area now called "sand spit"; HP, Halemaumau parking lot.


Image Dimensions: 800 x 339

Date Taken:

Location Taken: US