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Kīlauea summit eruption - September 11, 2023

Detailed Description

HVO geologists observed the new eruption within Kīlauea summit caldera during an eruption-monitoring overflight the morning of September 11, 2023. Multiple minor fountains remain active in the eastern portion of Halema‘uma‘u crater floor and on the downdropped block within Kīlauea's summit caldera. The line of vents stretches approximately 0.8 miles (1.4 km), from the eastern part of Halema‘uma‘u crater floor extending into the east wall of the downdropped block. Lava fountain heights have decreased since the eruption onset, but remain up to about 10-15 meters (32-50 feet) high this morning. USGS photos by J. Schmith. 


Public Domain.