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Landsat 9 Image Captures Iceland Volcano Lava

Detailed Description

In November 2023 the Svartsengi volcanic system awakened after almost 800 years with a series of earthquakes that opened large cracks in the on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula.  An eruption on December 18th spewed lava away from the nearby coastal town of Grindavik, but the January 14, 2024 eruption sent lava directly toward the town. A third eruption began February 8th, and while it weakened within hours, the lava engulfed a pipeline and disrupted heat and hot water to residents in the area. The volcano again erupted on March 16th. 

This image of the area was acquired by Landsat 9 on March 29, 2024. The lava can easily be seen in red. 

Landsat 9, Path 221 Row 15
Acquired March 29, 2024
Bands 7,4,3


Public Domain.