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Large-scale map of June 27th flow in Kīlauea's ERZ

Detailed Description

This large-scale map shows the distal part of the June 27th flow in relation to nearby Puna communities. The area of the flow on October 22, 2014, at 1:50 PM is shown in pink, while widening and advancement of the flow as mapped on October 24 at 12:10 PM is shown in red. Surface activity was mostly focused along the narrow finger of lava advancing toward Pāhoa, but other breakouts remain active up to about 3 km (2 miles) upslope from the tip of the flow. Persistent breakouts near where lava first enters ground cracks are no longer active.

The blue lines show steepest-descent paths calculated from a 1983 digital elevation model (DEM; for calculation details, see Steepest-descent path analysis is based on the assumption that the DEM perfectly represents the earth's surface. DEMs, however, are not perfect, so the blue lines on this map can be used to infer only approximate flow paths.


Public Domain.